Tractorpull NZ Inc

Upcoming Events.

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Sled Information.

Tractorpull NZ's sled is very different to most weight transfer sled around the world. For more information on tractorpull and our sled CLICK HERE >>

Photo Gallery.

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Tractor Pull Classes

  • Standard Class.

    Standard Agricultural tractors with no modifications. Great way to have fun and experience the enjoyment of tractorpulling with the machinery you already have.

    Click for information of rules for Standard Class

  • Pre 85 Class.

    Standard agricultural tractors manufactured before 1st January 1985. Great fun for older tractors that still have plenty of life left in them but are not competitive with the modern transmissions and horsepower of todays machines.

    Click for information of rules for Pre85 Class

  • Modified

    Serious machines producing serious horsepower. Swap a motor, add a turbo (or two) or get really adventerous and build a multi engined beast! Modified Diesel and Modifed Petrol classes run seperately at most events.

    Click for information of rules for Modified Class

  • Sport Class

    Fun on a budget. Based on standard agricultural tractors with orginal motors but with the addition of turbo chargers and injector pump modifications. The ultimate in recycling old tractors!

    Click for information of rules for Sport Class

Pull on Sunday, Plough on Monday

Standard class tractor pull requires (or allows) no modifications to your standard agricultural tractor. A great way to teach drivers about the setup of their machines to ensure they get the very best out of them.

For information on rules Click here.